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May 06 2014

A Long Time Coming

  I have had a hate/hate relationship with steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River for the last two years. It’s a great trout fishery, a lot of good times there, but when it comes to steelhead I have had about 8 outings in the last two years and probably gone 0 for 17 hook-ups. Those …

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Mar 02 2014

making this winter easier….

There is a distinct sense of desperation in voices of most when talking about this WINTER. To that end I say make the most of the days that are “possible” to fish. Everybody has their limits but I find that this limit can be over come by a few trout brought to net…such was the …

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Feb 15 2014

Double-Dawg Dare


Squeezing out another cold winter day on the MO for some sweet winter trout! Dress for the worst and be prepared for big surprises. While the high for the day was only about 24 deg/f our hearts stayed warm… Jay Allen, Riverquest guide

Feb 06 2014

Things are heating up?

In spirit of friendly competition John and Josh headed out for round 2. When the boat hit the water the temperature gage in the car was reading 1 deg/f. Cold weather was no match for the anticipation of another day of winter trouting. Rod guides slowly started to freeze w/ less regularity and fish were …

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Jan 13 2014

Hazing on the MO – Winter Trout Premier

I always feel privileged to accompany a new initiate on his/her first winter trout trip. The reactions are usually similar but with a different twist, based on each persons unique nature. It is fun to watch. Today  was one of those days. While Tom is no stranger to the MO today was his first go …

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Dec 30 2013

Along for the Ride – Fishing in a Winter Wonderland

The holiday season would just not be quite complete without a bit of fishing…Well at least not for my Dad. An excursion in the jet boat was necessitated, even at this time of year. After my Dad got me and my sis AKA Mak into the act we prepared for Old Man Winter’s worst. We …

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Dec 13 2013

embracing the cold – winter trout fishing early on the MO

With the hard hitting early winter we have been getting, things have started up a bit early this year for winter trout fishing on the Mo. Today was just a half-day w/ John but it was good enough to consider charging for a full day. Water temps having reached the 30’s a week or so …

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Nov 10 2013

Time to upgrade – MO steelhead

Rarely do I get to fish with someone for the first time during the winter. Usually it takes a bit of work, even coercion, to convince anglers that they need to come out for a bit of trout fishing in the winter. Not the case with Damion and Matt. This past winter I had the …

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Jul 08 2013

going with the flow on the MO

Fishing has been interesting to say the least the past few weeks. With a biomass that might rival a megapolis the MO is hardly ever dull. Fish change feeding habits as often as women change shoes, making a day on the river always exciting. Fishing continues to be strong and I dare guess what this …

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Jun 08 2013

It’s hard casting dries on a warm summer evening

Fishing was hard today….hard if you think casting dries to rising trout while being bombarded with solar rays is a chore! Throw in a steak topped w/ blue cheese compound butter, charred onion-tomato-basil-balsamic salad, fresh herbed bread and you’re really suffering. Caddis activity was decent this afternoon but a barrage of suckers spawning put a …

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Jun 05 2013

Feels like we are being watched

Sitting in the boat waiting for drakes is an interesting activity. The anticipation is palatable and silence refreshing. One moment you feel they aren’t going to show up and the next thing you know there is a host of drakes all around.   Like star cruisers coming out of hyperspace they materialize. It’s as though …

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Jun 05 2013

Summertime Brownies – Are we there yet?

Seems as though the Spring would never end. But here we are. Warmer temps have been regular and trout are getting into their summer routine. Still chasing fry but also shifting to a bug diet trout are again acting “normal”. Dry-fly opportunities have become normal again and fish size has been very good thus far. …

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May 28 2013

Nymphing for trout????

Three days of cats-n-dogs rainy weather couldn’t stop this crew. Mel, David, and Joe stuck it out and were rewarded with some nice fish. A combination of stripping streamers and nymphing produced trout as well as a few surprise steelhead. Water levels spiking added another interesting dimension to the days on the water. Hats off …

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May 09 2013

Uncle Bruce is “back on!”

Fishing is just plain fun! This afternoon John brought out his uncle Bruce to hit the river and see what we could hook into. Maybe trout, maybe steelhead, it didn’t matter on a day as beautiful as it was. Bruce got us talking about the Michigan colors of  Spring as we motored down the river. …

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Apr 30 2013

Big things can come attached to little packages – 4/30/13

It never ceases to amaze me. Strange things happen while fishing the MO. Today was no different. After catching a few steelhead I noticed the “twitch”. In response I asked John if there was something he needed to tell me. I’ve fished with John long enough to see he couldn’t hold back the urge to …

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Mar 25 2013

Muskegon River – on a cold afternoon

When you really need a day on the river, it doesn’t matter much what the weather is doing. Such was the case yesterday. The weatherman had said high 30’s and partly cloudy, the reality was high 20’s, wind, bone chilling humidity and no sun. But, it really doesn’t matter too much when you’re out on …

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Feb 20 2013

Muskegon River Trout – 2/17/12

When I pulled into the launch parking lot at 8:00am I had to rub my eyes and recheck the temperature reading on the cars instrument panel…yes indeed, it was reading 2 deg/f.  I thought for just a moment that this may not be the best idea to be fishing today but quickly ignored the ludicrous …

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Feb 15 2013

Muskegon River trout – 2/14/13

Water remains high but fishing also remains good.  Fish are holding a bit closer to shore due to the high water, which means fishing water that you might think to be “too slow”.  Scuds in sizes #14-#18 are working well.  The only way to catch them is to get out and fish!  Jay Allen, Riverquest …

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Jan 20 2013

Muskegon River Trout – 1/20/13

The forecast calls for some arctic weather this week, so I decided today might be the best chance to get out in the next few days.  Today was by no means “warm” but the trout we found were eager to feed.  The fish we hooked were located in very tight pockets, the kind you think …

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Jan 10 2013

Muskegon River Trout – 1/10/13

cheating Winter   “that’s a nice drift John” was the prelude to this nice trout   this fish took a #22 pheasant tail midge pupa! Most winter trout days are better than most people would believe.  Today was better than most.  Fish were on the feed and shortly after the pleasantries Mr. McCarthy went to …

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