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Jun 12 2013

A desperately needed getaway to Canada!

2012/2013 has been a tough fishing year! To recap … we moved across the country in July, had to find a new job before the bank account hit zero, bought a house in February and had a baby in April. I’m pretty sure they say those are the top 4 “stressers” in life. On top …

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May 03 2012

4/14/12 – Muskegon River Steelhead

Will with a fine fish Another spring trip to the MO has put the Stewart boys a few notches up in the skill repertoire.  Fishing was good and the takes and fighting explosive.   Never a dull moment in the boat, fishing and otherwise….Found most of our fish in drop-back positions.  Fish were really putting …

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Apr 07 2012

Muskegon River Steelhead – 4/7/12

David w/ a hard hitting, healthy drop-back Charlie w/ big smiles and a great fish Today was a great one.  Fishing pressure was unbelievably low, skies clear, and fish in the mood to eat.  Spent most of the day searching for drop-backs, fishing deeper/faster runs.  To top it off Charlie and David were close to …

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Jan 18 2012

Winter Trout

So here we are right in the middle of a hard, cold Michigan winter, a winter reminiscent of the past. Schools being closed, forecasts of high and lofty snow banks, and snowfall that is deep enough to make you think twice about going out. It’s the time of year that sends most anglers to the …

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Jan 05 2012

winter trout fishing hitting “the zone” – 1/5/12

steelhead on a scud! I’ll take these all day long Special guest appearance by Heather Well rewarded for a good drift! butterball; thought this brown might cluck perfect winter run on a calm day Out on the water the past few days and fish seem to be heading even further into their winter feeding patterns. …

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Sep 06 2011

9/6/11 – Snake River, Fish Creek, and Buffalo Fork

Dan with a Monster 21″ cutthroat Gorgeous Snake River Fine-spot Cutt Beauty w/ a beast! The fishing the past week or so has consistently gotten better.  The water in the Jackson Hole area is clearing by the day and water levels are dropping to ideal fishing levels.  Hatches have also increased with heavy emergences of …

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Jan 02 2010

The Drop cast

The drop cast is a simple cast yet very effective in getting your nymph to sink faster and have much less drag. An effective tool for any advanced fisherman and a must use for nymph fishing. Visit www.theallenbrothers.com for more great articles, videos, guide trips, blogs, tying instructions and to purchase our custom fly patterns!

Sep 28 2009

On the River: Black Canyon of the Gunnison, CO

September 7th and 12th, 2009 Yes, in fact, I did head down to the Black Canyon the day after I got back from Wyoming! My apologies that I am just now getting to blogging, schedules get crazy sometimes … and technically, fishing is more important than blogging. Ben had never been to the Black since …

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Mar 21 2009

Bonefishing in Cozumel

Jay and I typically find ourselves in the middle of adventure. I’d say first and foremost we are “dreamers”, Jay more so than I but I’m always convinced that his crazy schemes are going to work so I jump on board and our once dreams of catching 5 lb. brookies in hidden lake usually end …

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