Mission Statement – “River Essentials”

Here at the Allen Brothers, we are all about simplicity – the “less is more” maxim might as well have been penned just for us. Our products, like our business itself, are created with the utmost of quality in mind (read more about the quality of our materials in our Quality Control section). We would rather spend hours perfecting a few flies that will be guaranteed to get the job done (i.e. catch fish!), than hastily churn out hundreds of patterns simply for the sake of appealing to a larger audience. And that’s what we’ve done – used our 30+ years of fly fishing knowledge and experience to bring you, the customer, quality fly patters that we have tested and found to be prime representations of natural food sources for trout. The difference between the Allen Brothers and many other fly companies is that we’re not trying to sell you the hottest new fly on the market. With our “essential patterns” and a dedication to perfecting your presentation of the fly to the fish, we believe you’ll ultimately be more successful than if you were to endlessly try “something new.”

Another tenet of the Allen Brothers company is honesty. We respect our customers and their knowledge of fly fishing as well, so we refuse to simply draw you in with a catchy advertising campaign, only for you to find that what you saw was not what you got. We want to be straightforward about who we are and what we sell. If the pictures of the flies on our website look good to you, that’s because they’re, in reality, top-notch flies!

Finally, we believe in using our skills and talents to make the world a better place, and you can read more about this in our Fair Trade section.