Fair Trade

Some may argue that it’s always better to do business in America rather than “outsource” to other countries. If employees are treated unfairly, unkindly or unjustly, then we wholeheartedly agree. That’s why we’re excited about our business practice in Nairobi, Kenya. We have direct contact with the people who tie Allen Brothers flies, and feel humbled and blessed when they tell us that the business we provide them gives them opportunity to escape poverty (or helps them do things like send their kids to a better school).

We believe that doing business is about more than just making money. It’s about creating wealth that can better the lives of others in a part of the world where the economy isn’t as good as our own. Tiers who tie for Allen Brothers flies are given a fair wage, and are not subjected to excessive hours of labor. Rather they are self-motivated to use their skills and abilities to create a desired product that they take pride in.

Join with Allen Brothers in giving to others – in so doing, you become part of our vision to make the world a better place.