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May 06 2014

A Long Time Coming

  I have had a hate/hate relationship with steelhead fishing on the Muskegon River for the last two years. It’s a great trout fishery, a lot of good times there, but when it comes to steelhead I have had about 8 outings in the last two years and probably gone 0 for 17 hook-ups. Those …

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Jun 12 2013

A desperately needed getaway to Canada!

2012/2013 has been a tough fishing year! To recap … we moved across the country in July, had to find a new job before the bank account hit zero, bought a house in February and had a baby in April. I’m pretty sure they say those are the top 4 “stressers” in life. On top …

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May 29 2013

Knocking off work early to fish the Baldwin River

A few weekends ago, my parents were in town and we had the chance to fish some property that a friend of Jays owns. It’s up on the Baldwin River not too far from the confluence of the Pere Marquette. While it was a pretty short ordeal, it was great to get out for a …

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Apr 22 2013

North Branch White River … it never felt so good to lose a fish!

The most important news I have is that my wife, Michelle, gave birth to our second son last Sunday! Henry Lewis Allen was born at 6:30 PM in the evening. As it goes, the first week was a little rough, with very little sleep and a lot of crying. But what a joy it is …

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Mar 25 2013

Muskegon River – on a cold afternoon

When you really need a day on the river, it doesn’t matter much what the weather is doing. Such was the case yesterday. The weatherman had said high 30’s and partly cloudy, the reality was high 20’s, wind, bone chilling humidity and no sun. But, it really doesn’t matter too much when you’re out on …

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Jan 09 2013

Rogue River Steelhead

Jay and I got out on the river Monday morning before doing some video work on our fly-ting business (the Allen Brothers). It was a good chance to check out what is soon to be my new home-waters. No doubt you’ll be seeing a lot more posts from me on the Rogue. On February 1, …

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Jan 08 2013

Hello West Michigan! August through December 2012

With the launch of the new website, moving across the country, finding a new job (no, Allen Brothers does not supply Jay and I with an income … yet, it’s still a labor of love :-)) and having an 18 month old son – it’s safe to say that fishing, let alone blogging, took a …

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Oct 05 2012

Farewell Colorado, Frying Pan River, Basalt, Colorado

Date: July 13 – 15, 2012 Weather: Sunny with a few storms that moved in and out Insect/Activity: Midges, small baetis hatch – very sporadic Patterns Used: Blacktail Baetis, AB Tungsten Hare’s Ear, Grey Midge, **Top Secret Pattern** Flows: 170’s A Magnificently colored and spotted rainbow! Farewell Colorado – we had a good 16 years! You will be greatly …

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Jun 14 2012

Muskegon River, Newaygo, Michigan

Date: Saturday May 27, 2011 Weather: Sunny with a few storms that moved in and out Insect/Activity: Few caddis in the air, few baetis emerging, Suckers spawning. Patterns Used: Blacktail Baetis, AB Tungsten Hare’s Ear, Sucker Spawn Flows: 2000 (?)This one’s an oldie but goodie! In the rush of life I never posted this blog and just kept pushing it …

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May 04 2012

Allen Brothers School of Fly-Fishing: Fly Design

Just something I wanted to get the word out on. Jay and I are putting on a fly fishing school called: FLY DESIGN: From Classroom to River – A two-day course spent on the river and at the tying vise, taking a deeper look at entomology, and how to translate what you are seeing into …

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Apr 30 2012

Family Vacation, South Holston River, Bristol, TN

Date: Sunday April 1 through Thursday April 5, 2012 Weather: Fantastic! Sunny with a few scattered rain showers, 70 – 80 degrees, NO WIND! Insect/Activity: Sulphur mayflies were on the verge of hatching, scuds everywhere, midge and baetis were sparse, but effective patterns Patterns Used: Blacktail PMD/Sulphur, AB Tungsten Pheasant Tail, Gammarus Scud, Olive Midge Pupa, Compara-dun …

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Mar 25 2012

Favorite Family Pastime, South Platte River, 11 Mile Canyon, Colorado

Date: Monday March 12, 2012 Weather: Partly cloudy, warm, Breezy Insect/Activity: Not much Patterns Used: Blacktail Baetis, AB Tungsten Hare’s Ear, Grey Midge PupaFlows: 92 I spent some quality time with the family today doing our favorite activity! Yes, I am a blessed man to have a wife that loves to go fly fishing with me, and I love doing it …

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Mar 02 2012

Arkansas, Pueblo, CO

Date: Sunday February 19, 2012 Weather: Partly cloudy, warm, NO WIND Insect/Activity: Midges emerging from 11 AM until about 3 PM Patterns Used: Blacktail Baetis, AB Tungsten Hare’s Ear, Grey Midge Pupa, Olive Midge Pupa Flows: 64 My parents were in town for a wedding on the weekend of February 18th. One of the great things when they come to town …

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Feb 29 2012

New Video Series: Early Brown Stonefly

Jay just loaded up three new videos in a new series he’s calling “Decoding the Cipher”. It’s a pretty cool concept where Jay heads out to the river, seines for what insect activity is going on, heads back to the vice to develop a pattern and then back to the river to catch some fish …

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Jan 27 2012

‘Tis the Season to be Midging

As the holiday season is upon us, most people are thinking of loved ones, presents, food and merriment – but not me, buddy. I think of a winter day, where the midges are rolling off, and sipping or boiling trout are holding in slow moving water because the winter season has brought the lowest water flows …

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Jan 18 2012

River Profile: Arkansas River at Pueblo, CO

Prior to June 14th 2010 I didn’t even know this stretch of river existed. When I lived in Gunnison, CO I never exactly sought out what trout fishing there is east of Pike’s Peak. I assumed the Ark came out of Bighorn Sheep Canyon and turned into a sandy mud-hole and that may have been …

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Dec 30 2011

How To: The Allen Brothers Indicator

My and Jay’s love affair with double-sided, picture-hanging, foam tape (hereafter referred to as simply “foam tape”) began back around 1992. Jay had been avidly fly fishing for some years and I was heading down the same path. In our early career we were fortunate enough to fish a lot of spring creek-like water where …

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Dec 13 2011

How to Make a Seine Net

Materials: Fine window-screen mesh, telescoping legs, heavy duty thread (I actually used 8 lb test firewire for spin fishing), needle or sewing machine Cost: About $12 (more if you have to buy firewire from the store Time: About 1 hour for me to assemble. If you have a sewing machine it would probably only take 20 minutes or …

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Dec 09 2011

South Platte, 11 Mile Canyon, Colorado

Catch-up: This event occurred in the Spring of 2011 Date: Friday April 22 and  Saturday May 7, 2011 Weather: Sunny, beautiful Insect/Activity: Small amount of midge and baetis activity Patterns Used: Blacktail Baetis, AB Tungsten Hare’s Ear, Grey Midge Pupa Flows: 52 Fortune smiled upon Ben and I as we took to the river a couple of times in …

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Nov 16 2011

South Platte, Cheeseman Canyon, Co

Here’s another blast from the past!Date: Saturday April 2, 2011 Weather: Sunny in the mid 50’s Insect/Activity: Very little Patterns Used: Blacktail Baetis, AB Tungsten Hare’s Ear, Grey Midge Pupa Flows: 75 Michelle strikes again! Really, a flawless brown … amazing. I’ve got a pretty good stock of these back-logged posts I need to catch …

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