Welcome to the Allen Brothers

We want to invite you to be a part of our fly fishing journey. As you travel with us, we want you to see through our words to the people we are – people with a passion for fishing, ideals of making the world a better place, and commitment to create what we believe best reflects our passions and hopes.

Fly Tying Instructions – Allen Brothers Pheasant Tail™

Instructions for tying the Allen Brothers Pheasant Tail. This pattern uses a tungsten bead and a soft hackle collar to make it one of the best nymphs a fly-fisherman can have in his box.

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Basics – Capturing Materials

A short instructional video on how to capture materials on the hook shank. While it can seem simple, sometimes materials will rotate around your hook while you are tying causing unintended appearance results. The “loose wrap” will help you secure materials to the hook shank.

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